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R2Group accepts payment four different ways. Each method takes a different length of time to process, so if you're approaching a payment deadline, here are some tips to help you beat the clock:

  • 1. Credit Card Payment: This is the most efficient and convenient form of payment, and it also has the shortest processing time. Secured credit card information is posted for payment every day at midnight. If you need your credit card payment to be processed faster than that, please contact R2Group's Collections Department at 360-701-0480 or 253-620-4109 and your bill can be settled while you're on the phone.
  • 2. Secure Online Payment Made Simple "Click Here" Pay Now! Enter your Username and Password. If you have forgotten your Username or password simply click on the forgotten password link and enter the email addressed used when you registered with R2Group.
  • 3. Direct Debit: These payments are usually processed within a 24-hour period when submitted Monday - Thursday. Direct Debits submitted Friday - Sunday are processed on the next business banking day (usually Monday, unless that is a holiday).
  • 4. Personal or Company Check: These payments are usually processed within a 72 hour period when received Monday - Thursday. Checks received Friday - Sunday are usually processed by the second business banking day of the week. It may take a bit longer during a holiday weekend.
  • 5. Wire Transfer: This is the slowest form of payment because of the steps involved. It usually takes 3 business banking days for payment to get from your financial institution to R2Group's. Then, it can take up to two more days before we get confirmation of your payment. It is only then that your account is credited.

R2Group also offers custom service level agreements for larger clients. Please send an email to esupport@R2esupport.com with your requirements

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